Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Finally it's Spring!

" Spring drew on... and a greenness grew over those brown beds, which,
freshening daily, suggested the thought that Hope traversed them at
night, and left each morning brighter traces of her steps."
Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre     

So happy it's finally spring!!! :)
The weather in Transylvania this week has been wonderful. 
There is sun and blooming flowers, the sky is mostly blue
and I love to hear every morning the birds singing.
Now I can leave my windows open for more than 5 minutes and I'm reorganizing
my wardrobe. (See tomorrow!)
The best thing about Spring? NO MORE SNOW! 


  1. Yay for spring! Its still chilly here in NJ, we actually had some snow flurries so no open windows yet here but I am hoping for spring flowers soon!

    1. Oh, sorry to hear that Hannah, but here is cold again too. Hope for Easter we'll have sunny and warm weather :)

  2. Spring begins here in Europe, too! I'm so fed up with cold weather… Today I'm going to wear ballet pumps for the first time this year :D



    1. I didn't wear ballets yet but I can't wait to wear them! Where are you living in Europe? I'm in Eastern Europe, Romania :)