Saturday, 31 January 2015

Music for Saturday evening

My boyfriend plays in a Christian band and in January they had a concert
in our little town at a Christian festival.
The bands name is Imm-Pro, which means:
Immanuel Pro = God is with Us
or improvisation.
They had a huge success and I was so happy for them.
And I'm so proud of my little bald guitarist :)

Listen this beautiful song,
Hosana played by the Imm-Pro from Transylvania: 

January collection

Nature is full of beauty and I love to collect these beauties.
If I could I would bring everything into the house :)

Thursday, 15 January 2015

End of Christmas Holidays

Finally on Monday I took down our Christmas tree. Usually I clean it away on Jan. 6.,
when we celebrate the Epiphany. In Transylvania on this day ends the Christmas holidays and begins a period of festivals and carnivals. 
We call this period 'Farsang' and it's aim is to scare off the winter and welcome spring.

Here is our Christmas tree and its last day:

In our apartment we have a little artificial pine tree and at my parents 
we have a bigger one. But this little is our :)
My biggest problem with artificial trees is that I can't smell that sweet scent of pine trees,
but I think these days it's a huge irresponsibility to buy a tree just for a few days...
(but I still miss that smell!)

Now a little description of my ornaments :)

Here are the first glass baubles I bought for our tree a few years ago.

And I have some red bows.

Three little personal treasures. The first angel was given to me by my lovely mother, 
the little Santa was a gift from a dear friend from Japan and the third angel was also a gift
from one of my best friends.

Here are my favorite ornaments. Some really old ones (about 40-50 year old),
I received them last year from my sweet grandmother.
Hope once I can give them to my own grandchildren!

These angel wings were made by me two years ago.

So happy for these left over chocolates :) Yummm

And the most important: the angel hair and the lights!!!

Do you have any favorite Christmas ornaments? 

Monday, 5 January 2015

Winter in the Garden

The garden is so quite and peaceful. Love to take walks in our garden.
Winter landscapes are breathtaking and there's nothing beautiful than
a pine tree covered in snow.

At this moment, while I am writing this post and enjoying the fire in the chimney,
 it's snowing again.

My evening program: reading a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Winter Dreams.
Have a nice Monday!!! :)

Friday, 2 January 2015

Happy New Year

Wish you all a happy happy 2015!!!

This year (I'll try):
- start each day with goals
- believe that anything is possible
- read more books
- exercise daily even when it sounds like a horrible idea
- drink more water
- eat more real food
- find the best in others
- hug the ones I love
- shop for quality, not for quantity
- show others the best in me

What are your goals for 2015?