Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Easter Egg Tree

Love so much this tradition, which we inherited from our neighbors, the Germans.
You know, in Transylvania we have a very colorful population, near the 
Romanians and Hungarians you'll find Germans too :)
 So this tradition to decorate the branches of trees and bushes with eggs is very old,
centuries old, but it's origins have been lost...
This year I decided to bring some branches inside the house 
and create a lovely and unique decoration.

If you want to make one for you, here are what you'll need:
- vase or pot (optional)
- branches, such as pussy willow, flowering quince
magnolia or cherry blossom
- decorated eggs
other decoration elements, like ribbons, little rabbits etc.

I used a bunch of pussy willow,

some plastic eggs

and crocheted bunnies. I made them yesterday :)

It's so easy to make our Easter tree. Just put the branches in the vase and 
hang up the eggs and other decorations.
It's simple and funny, isn't it!
Have fun doing one for yourself!