Monday, 24 November 2014


Hi there, I'm Orsi of the SzKOrso.

SzKOso is all about encouraging others to find their creative side. This will be my journal, where I am going to share my thoughts, my feelings and my pictures. And sometimes my diy projects. 
I love nature and simplicity and I have a serious obsession for colors.
I live in Romania, Transylvania with my boyfriend, who is also my best friend.

In the last years I was working as a history teacher and as a project manager.

Random facts:
- at school I learned to play the violin and piano
- I love reading memoirs...of anyone, famous or not (and not just memoirs)
- I hate asking for help...for anything. I also don't like feeling indebted. But I love helping others and giving things away. 
- I looove vintage things... everything.
- love to eat vegetables, fruits ( specially raspberry...mmm) and there are periods when I'm trying to be vegetarian, but if I want to be sincere I love the taste of meat. Well not every meat, but chicken meat is so delicious.

Here is our precious 12 years old cat, Mathias :)

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